Month: July 2015

The Teachers – The Gurus – The Mentors – The Guides

While you are a student, your teachers are true inspirations for you and they are the ones who hold you till the ups and downs of the journey. They are guides, gurus and mentors and great inspirations. They are live examples of success. At VGLD, the relation is something different from what we commonly have at other places. They relationCPT1 here is a true strongly bonded friendship which nourishes the student to be the best in every aspect of life whether it is career or social. They were sitting together, talking to each other throughout the whole function. The bond was created in between the classes where they were studying altogether. The teaching was not only limited to teaching but it is more facilitating and sharing. The knowledge has been shared in a way that all students not only learn it but imbibe it completely within themselves and remember it for a longer period of time. Teachers love their students and have developed a trust where they have assured them that they will be available even after the classes and exams.

Here, ‘Teachers are truly the ones who hold the ladders for the students to reach their goals’.



My heartiest congratulations to all the students who have made us proud and make this beginning of journey a very beautiful event in the way to become CA by scoring high mark in the exams within a very short period of time. The young aspirant with shining eyes which reflects dreams of imbibing whole sky in their hands is amCPTazing. The eagerness of hearing their names on stage, exceptional smiles on face and clapping all around is the highlights of the prize distribution function. This is probably something which reminds you about your own days when you were young holding plenty of dreams in eyes. Their energy made the day and tiredness was not at all anywhere. All the students were so happy that they couldn’t stop themselves from sharing their experience while they were learning here. They have shown tremendous gratitude towards their teachers who were present there to give them trophies. They were all proud happy with the same joy as the students have. They guided the students for the future and wished them all the best. Our Director Ms. Sana Baqai was also present at the function. She was overwhelmed with the success of students and the result of hard work. She talked to the students as well as faculty and motivated them to keep their results always good and better than the last result.

Initial Step

CPT or Common Proficiency Test and IPCC or Integrated Professional Competence Course are the first step and second step towards the long journey to become CA. Our young CA aspirants need to prepare for the test since tIPCChey get their 10th standard results. As these are the very initial steps to become CA, studying well for the exams along with the management of time and pressure is necessary. The exam pattern has changed in order to give proper time to students so that they can prepare for it. In VGLDI, we have announced fresh face to face batches for the students preparing for CPT as well as for IPCC.

Here, teachers are experts in their respective subjects as well as holds an attitude to make study easy and stress free. They hold the ladders for their student to reach their goals. I have been into some of the counseling sessions given by the teachers to the students while they prepare for exams. Teachers stay there even if a single student has some doubt. The teachers treat their students in a very friendly way and the same relation has been maintained even after the completion of courses.

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