ORIZONTTE – The Annual fest

Being the title sponsor in such a good fest is not something which makes us happy but the response and interaction which we had with the school and college students was beyond expectations. The beginning of the fest was only with the college students and their enthusiasm for the event was excellent. As soon as the school students entered the college premises, the feeling of the fest changed into a very big fest – not exactly fest it was a big festival celebration. There were students of around 27 schools. Some of them were playing while some of them were preparing for the competitions to be held there.


Our CPT and IPCC teachers were judges. Their experience was exactly a fun event for them. The students who have beautifully portrayed their thoughts in the events and their innocence added more smiles to the events. They were talking to the teachers about various things, running behind each others for treasure hunts and the most important was their thousands of selfies with the same smile all the time and statement was ‘ Thik se photo le yar’ and ‘teri wajeh s hare’. The time came when they had a session with teachers, students shared their career options and our teachers guided them through a way where they can have a very bright future.

The event ended with a very good lunch and lots of laughter.


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