CIMA- Another Option

VG Learning Destination now has achieved a bench mark where we are the only destination for students to take classes. But we have realised that what about the students who were not able to clear the exams and stopped trying after it. We have researched a lot to get something which will be beneficial for the students who might not be CA in India but can opt somewhere else. One of them is CIMA. CIMA stands for chartered Institute of Management accounting. CIMA is a UK based Professional body offering training and qualification in management accountancy. 4.JPG

This institute was established by Unilever’s President to train its employees and it was established in 1919.CIMA is the world’s largest and leading professional body with 2,18,000 members and students operating in 177 countries It develops skills for Strategic Advice, Managing Risk, and Managing Key Decisions As per a survey by a UK University, it is one of the eight best professional qualification of the world. Its particular emphasis is on developing the management accounting profession. This is a Chartered body of U.KCIMA’s focus is not just on management accounting but on combining finance and accounting with strategy and decision-making.


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