It’s already been 1 year since I am working with VG Learning Destination and has observed many students sharing their success stories with us after becoming CA. It was the first time when I got a chance to meet rank holders individually and to share experience and feedback with them. There were rank holders of around last 6 sessions who were called for the felicitation program. I took their interviews and feedback which make me realise that what important role our institute is playing in the preparation phase of CA aspirants.3.JPG All of them have only one word to say about VG Sir i.e., GOD for them. Most of them said that they still refer our modules to solve their queries. It shows the trust that there is only one teacher in the subject Direct Taxes and i.e., Vinod Gupta Sir. I was also amused when all the students stood up for VG Sir when he came on the stage. Within a fraction of seconds I realised that he is not a teacher for students but more than that he is mentor, a Guru and at last God when it comes to study the subject.


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