CIMA- Another Option

VG Learning Destination now has achieved a bench mark where we are the only destination for students to take classes. But we have realised that what about the students who were not able to clear the exams and stopped trying after it. We have researched a lot to get something which will be beneficial for the students who might not be CA in India but can opt somewhere else. One of them is CIMA. CIMA stands for chartered Institute of Management accounting. CIMA is a UK based Professional body offering training and qualification in management accountancy. 4.JPG

This institute was established by Unilever’s President to train its employees and it was established in 1919.CIMA is the world’s largest and leading professional body with 2,18,000 members and students operating in 177 countries It develops skills for Strategic Advice, Managing Risk, and Managing Key Decisions As per a survey by a UK University, it is one of the eight best professional qualification of the world. Its particular emphasis is on developing the management accounting profession. This is a Chartered body of U.KCIMA’s focus is not just on management accounting but on combining finance and accounting with strategy and decision-making.



It’s already been 1 year since I am working with VG Learning Destination and has observed many students sharing their success stories with us after becoming CA. It was the first time when I got a chance to meet rank holders individually and to share experience and feedback with them. There were rank holders of around last 6 sessions who were called for the felicitation program. I took their interviews and feedback which make me realise that what important role our institute is playing in the preparation phase of CA aspirants.3.JPG All of them have only one word to say about VG Sir i.e., GOD for them. Most of them said that they still refer our modules to solve their queries. It shows the trust that there is only one teacher in the subject Direct Taxes and i.e., Vinod Gupta Sir. I was also amused when all the students stood up for VG Sir when he came on the stage. Within a fraction of seconds I realised that he is not a teacher for students but more than that he is mentor, a Guru and at last God when it comes to study the subject.


One cannot may even imagine the happiness of a person who started his classes from only one room and it has now expanded to 3 countries with more than 150+ centers. VG Learning Destination previously known as Vinod Gupta Classes has not even completed 25 years successfully as coaching institute of DT but also proved itself as one of the ultimate destination for every individual who dreams to be the CA.2.JPG The respect and trust which students have shown by attending the ceremony and showing their gratitude towards him has increased our level of thoughts and hard work to keep the good work going on and to take the organisation to break its own bench mark in terms of quality. The presence of huge number of students worked as a cherry on the cake in our celebration. It was really very happy to see students taking participation in such a big celebration on only invitations and showing their different interests for the same.

It was breezy outside but the warmth of the happiness of hundreds of students created an environment in which we felt as if each individual was celebrating the successful completion of 25 years.



At the 25th anniversary of VG Learning Destination, we announced our one more project named ‘Afsar Bitiya’. It’s a very big and good initiative by us to provide education to each and every student as they deserve to get educated. B1.JPGIt also has a special provision for the Girl student who wants to prefer higher education but cannot afford to pay high fees of the institutes. It will only cost them Rs. 5 to get classes of any subject or higher studies which they want to pursue. Earlier this project was only running in Gujarat but VG Learning Destination has assured it to launch in the whole North India. On this auspicious event, we also provided scholarships to some of the needy and meritorious girls.

It gives us the pleasure to be a part of many successful individuals who will be taking advantage of these classes. Students will have to only work hard in their subjects to achieve their goals. They need not to worry about the fees.

ORIZONTTE – The Annual fest

Being the title sponsor in such a good fest is not something which makes us happy but the response and interaction which we had with the school and college students was beyond expectations. The beginning of the fest was only with the college students and their enthusiasm for the event was excellent. As soon as the school students entered the college premises, the feeling of the fest changed into a very big fest – not exactly fest it was a big festival celebration. There were students of around 27 schools. Some of them were playing while some of them were preparing for the competitions to be held there.


Our CPT and IPCC teachers were judges. Their experience was exactly a fun event for them. The students who have beautifully portrayed their thoughts in the events and their innocence added more smiles to the events. They were talking to the teachers about various things, running behind each others for treasure hunts and the most important was their thousands of selfies with the same smile all the time and statement was ‘ Thik se photo le yar’ and ‘teri wajeh s hare’. The time came when they had a session with teachers, students shared their career options and our teachers guided them through a way where they can have a very bright future.

The event ended with a very good lunch and lots of laughter.

The Teachers – The Gurus – The Mentors – The Guides

While you are a student, your teachers are true inspirations for you and they are the ones who hold you till the ups and downs of the journey. They are guides, gurus and mentors and great inspirations. They are live examples of success. At VGLD, the relation is something different from what we commonly have at other places. They relationCPT1 here is a true strongly bonded friendship which nourishes the student to be the best in every aspect of life whether it is career or social. They were sitting together, talking to each other throughout the whole function. The bond was created in between the classes where they were studying altogether. The teaching was not only limited to teaching but it is more facilitating and sharing. The knowledge has been shared in a way that all students not only learn it but imbibe it completely within themselves and remember it for a longer period of time. Teachers love their students and have developed a trust where they have assured them that they will be available even after the classes and exams.

Here, ‘Teachers are truly the ones who hold the ladders for the students to reach their goals’.


My heartiest congratulations to all the students who have made us proud and make this beginning of journey a very beautiful event in the way to become CA by scoring high mark in the exams within a very short period of time. The young aspirant with shining eyes which reflects dreams of imbibing whole sky in their hands is amCPTazing. The eagerness of hearing their names on stage, exceptional smiles on face and clapping all around is the highlights of the prize distribution function. This is probably something which reminds you about your own days when you were young holding plenty of dreams in eyes. Their energy made the day and tiredness was not at all anywhere. All the students were so happy that they couldn’t stop themselves from sharing their experience while they were learning here. They have shown tremendous gratitude towards their teachers who were present there to give them trophies. They were all proud happy with the same joy as the students have. They guided the students for the future and wished them all the best. Our Director Ms. Sana Baqai was also present at the function. She was overwhelmed with the success of students and the result of hard work. She talked to the students as well as faculty and motivated them to keep their results always good and better than the last result.