CIMA- Another Option

VG Learning Destination now has achieved a bench mark where we are the only destination for students to take classes. But we have realised that what about the students who were not able to clear the exams and stopped trying after it. We have researched a lot to get something which will be beneficial for … Continue reading CIMA- Another Option



It’s already been 1 year since I am working with VG Learning Destination and has observed many students sharing their success stories with us after becoming CA. It was the first time when I got a chance to meet rank holders individually and to share experience and feedback with them. There were rank holders of … Continue reading MY OWN EXPERIENCE


One cannot may even imagine the happiness of a person who started his classes from only one room and it has now expanded to 3 countries with more than 150+ centers. VG Learning Destination previously known as Vinod Gupta Classes has not even completed 25 years successfully as coaching institute of DT but also proved itself as … Continue reading CROSSING THE MILESTONE

The Teachers – The Gurus – The Mentors – The Guides

While you are a student, your teachers are true inspirations for you and they are the ones who hold you till the ups and downs of the journey. They are guides, gurus and mentors and great inspirations. They are live examples of success. At VGLD, the relation is something different from what we commonly have … Continue reading The Teachers – The Gurus – The Mentors – The Guides