GST-MADE SIMPLE …… And it is really simple

The question about GST has created a question in the minds of all age groups. Whether people relates to it or not, they have their own assumption and it happens because of incomplete information. As we are already into the field of CA coaching’s, our help desk just stormed up with the queries related to GST. GSTThis is when we decided to get into the complete information of GST. We ended up finally with a complete course designed and named as GST Certificate Course”. We started the same with putting simple videos named GST Made Simple”. With the huge positive response and curiosity of 100s to know the GST completely lead to the development of the course. We got the best faculty and they started preparing rest of the things for the same. Everyone is now waiting for the classes to get started.


New Classes of CPT at Jhandewalan

We have started our first batch of CPT at Jhandewalan centre and the whole classroom is filled with very young aspirants. I have used this word very young because it’s a long time, we were only dealing with CA final aspirants. Our students of CPT classes not only get an energetic environment in the class but the whole office is feeling the same. The questions which they ask, the fun which they have and at the end, the attendance in classes just 2makes everyone happy. We were in search of the best faculty from last few months so that we can give the CPT students best education which is now fulfilled with one of the best faculty. These teachers are masters in their own subjects and have immense knowledge they have.

We provided special scholarships for the meritorious students in order to encourage them.

Multiple Options at One Place

Till date we were only giving opportunities to our CA students but now the doors to become achievers has increased and is not limited. With the launch of our new courses CIMA and ACCA, the ways to become global and successful is now opened for all the streams. These option are highly beneficial for the students who wants to do management and accounting. These courses not only provides education but are also very helpful in 1providing the relevant knowledge which is necessary for an individual to join and fortune company. These courses not only assures you the guaranteed placement but also give higher positions.

I would like to mention that as we are making CA since 1991 and our students are already working in all the big fortune companies. We are trying to provide an option to all those who are not CA but can have an equal opportunity.


IPCE Classes at VG Learning Destination – At Jhandewalan

After the successful completion of 25 years in the field of coaching CA Final students and proving ourselves as the ultimate destination for CA aspirants, we moved oFace .JPGn to reach more younger aspirants. This idea results us with the thought of starting classes for the IPCE students. It was not at all a very immediate action, but we took a lot of time to figure out the needs and proble
ms faced by the students so that we can get the best faculty again under the same roof. After a lots of hard work, we got the best and are ready to start with the IPCE classes at Jhandewalan.

There are special discounts for early birds.

Registrations will be open soon………………………………………………………………………..


CA Mayank Jain – Best Faculty for IPCE LAW

The moment you met CA Mayank Jain, the fear of meeting a CA or a faculty and the fear of talking to them disappears as he is so welcoming and friendly.Mayank The response has been given by his students that he teaches in a way that you don’t only learn concepts of the subjects but the things get imbibed in their mind and helps them even after exams. As IPCE is one of most important steps for a student to become CA, his teachings has always proved to be the best.

We have already completed one successful batch of Law amendments
and heading towards the second one as there were lot many students who wants to study under his guidance.

25 lucky students will get classes for free. So, Hurry Up and Register Now……….



Study Khazana as the name itself shows the story of this site. It is actually the Khazana for all those who wants to study will have a Khazana with them which they can use either at home or while travelling to study and that it again at free of Cost. As now students find everything online more easily, we decided to give education on the same portal.

Online Education

Study Khazana is an online portal which provides lectures of all topics online. Students just need to make their id in the Study Khazana portal and then they can watch lectures. Even though we are providing the lectures for free, but still we have maintained quality of teachers and lectures so that our students can have the best education. It is the easiest way we found to reach students studying in even the smallest region. It will also help students to achieve their goals without thinking that they will not have the best coaching or teacher to teach.


ACCA- One More Option

Is it really fair for the students to spend a minimum of 4 years and then not pursuing CA anymore? We at VG Learning totally agree that when an individual doesn’t clear the exam, he or she feels losing everything. Here we announce one more option for all those who wish to achieve their goals. The option we are announcing here is ACCA. It stands for Association of Chartered Certified Accountants a leading international accountancy body. The ACCA qualification is recognized and is treated in other countries as being equivalent to their local qualification. The ACCA qualification proves to employers that you have ability in all aspects of business. It is the largest and fastest growing qualification in the world, with over 500,000 members and students in 170 countries. ACCA has 91 offices and centres globally all offering localised support. ACCA’s qualifications are based on international accounting standards making them globally relevant. ACCA offers local law and tax options making your qualification locally relevant too. ACCA qualifications are recognised by key regulatory and education authorities around the world and they have joint membership of other international accountancy bodies. ACCA’s qualifications are benchmarked against education levels around the world. So by choosing ACCA, you choose qualifications that have been independently quality checked.